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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Dekalb County Schools Very important announcement!!!!!

A scholarship providing financial assistance to seniors getting ready for college and workforce.

"Every accomplishment starts with the Decision to Try."

This scholarship is unique in itself. Seniors will be asked to provide an 800-Word essay by April 30th to qualify for a $500 - $1000 scholarship to enter the next phase of life. Not every child desire to go to college, so it open to all high school seniors who want to provide an essay on their next venture after high school.

Please read !!!!!! Very Important Announcement !!!!!

Students, teachers, and principals of Georgia DeKalb County High Schools Graduates of Class 2021. We are looking for struggling graduates in need of funds. Mrs. Richardine Trice went into high schools assisting students with life skills, as well as, preparing them for the workforce for 34 years. This scholarship is simple. A teacher, principal, or the student can submit a 800 WORD essay of the current event question that will be asked why ????? from the Richardine Outreach Foundation Inc.’s Scholarship?

Please also include the following:

Full Name


Name of teacher or principal submitting

Submit to:

Start Date: TBD

Deadline: TBD

Announcement will be made on TBD

Good Luck!!!!!

History of Richardine Trice

Richardine Trice was a loving wife and mother who spent her time spent on Earth caring for others. She spread knowledge and wisdoms to many high schools’ students that crossed her path with learning disabilities. She always felt that everyone should be able to participate in making their dream come true. Richardine dedicated her time working for the State of Georgia ARC (Atlanta Rehabilitation Center and retired serving 34 years with The Georgia Department of Labor working with individuals with disabilities). She assisted them in getting benefits to live normal productive lives. The Richardine Outreach Foundation, Inc.’s Scholarship is giving to an individual to honor and keep her legacy going in assisting a student in the next step in life.

Day one, she had impacted many lives by understanding the needs of other individuals before they even thought of them. She was extraordinary and had an influence on many lives and made them the person they are today. A very strong role model that took time out to care for other and assist them with hardships so their lives would not be distress. She is admired with her dedication and stories of saving lives. The Richardine Outreach Foundation, Inc is so passionate to her husband and daughters to continue the gift that was taught to always love, care, and give back to our surrounding communities.

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