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Leave the Baggage

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Professional Development workshops perfect for women or gentlemen in needs to be successful in the workforce..

Working together to build that career

Are you ready to take your career level to next level? Please join us leaving the baggage behind to build your new future. There is a job for everyone. Let's do it together.

A job readiness program with workshops that includes: Corporate Professionalism, will teach business etiquette, work performance, socialization, and appearance in the workplace. Virtual Interviewing Skills, educating participants how to prepare and execute a successful interview leaving the interview with the “Wow Factor” at the end of the interview session. Resume Writing, individual will learn how to capture their experience to get their resume notice and creating the perfect resume that will be impactful and concise to the nature of the job applying for. Effective Communication, participants will learn how to effectively communicate with others on any level. Factors that identify communication will be taught and how it impacts the employee. Lastly, Brand You! This curriculum will teach participants how to create a personal brand, which will help the individual identify their own brand for professional and personal growth.

Training Specialist / Carol Lawrence

Carol Lawrence attended Albany State University where she earned her degree in Healthcare Administration. Unable to find employment in her field, Carol accepted a job with Cox Communications as an instructional trainer. This led to a new career path, Learning and Development and Human Resources. She found her talents were better served educating and helping others. Mrs. Lawrence obtained her master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Phoenix and completed all coursework towards her Doctorate’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. She has worked for Fortune 500 Companies such as General Electric as a Learning and Development Supervisor and Turner Broadcasting, A Time Warner Subsidiary, as a Learning and Development Specialist. She currently holds the position as Human Resource Manager for the Department of Juvenile Justice – Metro Regional Youth Detention Center.

As a certified trainer in Professional Development and Education Literacy, Carol has delivered numerous soft skills courses such as feedback and coaching, building trust, effective communication, leadership development, and customer service. Carol has experience in organizational development and instructional designed as well. Her diverse background is welcomed in any business setting that is willing to invest in their employees.

Let Carol help you invest in you!

Grant Specialist/Marvina Burgos

Marvina Burgos is currently working as a Project Manager for a nonprofit organization in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia. She is an exceptional conscientious and self-driven professional with expertise in Business Management. Since 2014 she has achieved documented experience in community economic development in the field of low and moderate-income affordable housing. With a wealth of project and program experience Marvina is a natural leader with a reputation of tenaciously working to excellence. She is trained and certified to lead, train, and facilitate financial literacy courses and provide financial coaching. Marvina is trained in grant writing and management and have written over 30+ grants assisting in obtaining funding awards over $4M to date. She is exceptionally well-respected in her profession, not only her unparalleled professionalism, but also her high ethical track record. She is known for exceptional problem solving and leadership abilities to resolve issues and overcome challenges successfully without conflict.

Her academia studies are revolved around business, technology, and operations management. This developed the use of applied research and problem-solving skills, including presenting recommendations through comprehensive reports, metrics, and charts. She is a PMP Certification, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011, Bachelor of Science in Technical Mgmt. and Operations Mgmt., DeVry University, 2010, Lean Methodology Certification, Southern Polytechnic State University, 2009, and Associate of Art in Business, Western International University, 2006.

Let Marvina help you invest in you!

Executive Director/Elanda Trice

Elanda Trice is currently a Business Operations Manager with over 29 years of industry experience. She is proficient at providing office operation administration, accounting, and human resource aid to top-level management, which includes but not limited to General Managers, Deputy Commissioners, Associate Superintendent, etc. She is confident in stating that her competency levels and accounting and human resource expertise enables her to execute professional outputs in office administration, office management, communication, data entry, human resource, budgetary reporting, procurement, purchasing, payables, and receivables. Additionally, she has vested with the State of Georgia, The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, and possesses 19 years of government operations experience (overseeing a $52 million dollars budget). Her accounting, human resource, and management leadership expertise coupled with her technical knowledge giving her the confidence to stand behind her qualifications. She is confident of the skills and can bring passion, determination, and dedication to our communities. A great asset to leading a team in building and saving funds. She ensures that the program operations are in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and contract agreements. Elanda oversee Fleet Management, Assets and Surplus property making sure they are managed successful and abiding by the Georgia’s and The State of Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice’s policies and procedures.

Elanda is certified as a Georgia Certified Purchasing Associate (GCPA) balancing million dollars’ state and federal/grant funds, Georgia Bureau of Investigations Security & Integrity, Management, Fundamental of State Purchasing, State Government Financial System (University of Georgia), Professional Development, Case Managements, and State Chartable Coordinator. Elanda holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, Concentration in Family and Children Services from University of Phoenix.

Let Elanda help you invest in you!

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